Pelvic Floor Explained

Have you ever wondered where your Pelvic Floor is? What it is supposed to do? If it’s tight or weak? If you are doing a Kegel correctly? This video is for you!! I am going to explain everything you need to know about your Pelvic Floor, plus give you 3 exercises you need to do for your Pelvic Floor, all in 10mins!

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5 Pelvic Floor Exercises to Stop Peeing with Running

Do you leak pee when you run?? This is called stress incontinence and a sign of a pelvic floor dysfunction. This video is going to go over 5 Pelvic Floor Exercises to stop peeing with running.

What makes these exercises different is that we are incorporating our Pelvic Floor into these exercises that are important for running to teach it how to move and handle that impact. We can’t just do Kegels laying in bed and expect it to hold on for us while we run!

Did you know our Pelvic Floor is supposed to work with our core and breathing to contract and relax as we move? These Pelvic Floor exercises are going to help you coordinate your core again and make it functional to stop peeing with running. They are also going to incorporate other muscles like our glutes and inner core that are important for running.

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