Troubleshoot your Pelvic Floor LIVE Webinar

Bladder Leaks are embarrassing. But did you know that they are NOT something you have to live with??


Not having to worry about the smell of urine on you

Not having to avoid anything active for fear of leaks

Not having to worry about leaking in public

Not having to worry about it getting worse with age

We are going to troubleshoot YOUR Pelvic Floor, and by the end of this webinar, you are going to understand WHY you are leaking.
Pelvic Floor Weakness is only a small piece of the puzzle, and we are going to find out so much more about how your Pelvic Floor is functioning!

I’m going to give away all my troubleshooting tips and tricks as you learn how to assess your own body.

We are going to talk about the 4 Reasons you are still having Bladder Leaks, &
6 Different (resolvable) things that can go wrong with your Pelvic Floor that can cause leaks.

We are going to get to the bottom of why your bladder is leaking, and why just Kegel’s alone have not helped!

This webinar is for women of ANY age, who want to understand their body and get to the bottom of WHY they are leaking.

This webinar will be LIVE on Tuesday November 30th at 7:00pm EST, but the replay will be available for 5 days after for anyone who can’t attend the live webinar.

We often think bladder leaks are a normal part of aging, or a normal part of having babies. We’ll I’m hear to tell you…

it’s NOT NORMAL!! It’s common, but it’s not NORMAL! And there is treatment for it.

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Hi, I’m Carly Wallace,
a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, wife & Mom of 3.

I’ve helped hundreds of women understand and resolve their bladder leaks (including myself!) and get back to living their best lives without worry (or pads!).

Pelvic Floor Exercises

And I can’t wait to get you started on your Pelvic Health Journey too!

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